Bridge, Repair & Replacement

While our name is Economy Paving, we do much more, including bridge building and repair on a variety of scales all across central New York and Pennsylvania.

While experience, safety, and competency are most important, we pride ourselves on accepting the toughest projects and innovating strategies to make them happen. Because of this, we are the bridge building contractor of choice in central NY and PA. For over 72 years, our construction engineers, field supervisors, and superior tradesmen have worked hard to bridge all sizes of gaps across the northeast region.

Our team of bridge building professionals work hard to design and implement leading-edge construction technologies, using the most modern equipment and techniques, to construct structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing bridges and ancillary structures. We have decades of experience working with state and local governments across central New York state to provide superior bridge building within restrictive budgets and time frames.

Bridge Building Processes

Commercial bridge building projects are complex operations, regardless of the size. A large amount of planning is required before the first piece of equipment arrives on site or the first bucketful of dirt is removed. Economy Paving has decades of experience building commercial bridges of all shapes, sizes, and types. We can meet your bridge building needs from planning to paving.


Our engineering and architecture consultants work with local and state government representatives and other involved entities to plan the project from day one.

Developing Conceptual Plan and Cost Estimate

After consulting with appropriate authorities and local government representatives, our team develops a proposed plan for your project that includes a cost estimate for advance budget planning.

Presenting Finalized Design

After all considerations have been handled, our team works with you to prepare and present a finalized design for your project that will best meet your needs.

Allocating Materials and Equipment

Once approval of the design is granted, and with the appropriate permits in hand, we will begin allocating the necessary materials and moving equipment to the site.

Foundation Work

This is a critical phase of the entire process. Our bridge building experts spare no effort to ensure that your project will be securely anchored and structurally sound.

Bridge Construction

Our experienced tradesmen and project managers have the knowledge and expertise to erect each part of your bridge project in the safest and most productive manner possible.

Testing / Evaluation

Throughout each phase of construction, our team is constantly testing and evaluating the work to ensure the safety and overall usability of your bridge project. We guarantee your project will meet or exceed every applicable code for safety and durability.

Our Bridge Building Expertise

Economy Paving has acquired an extensive level of bridge-building expertise through years of proven success on all types and sizes of projects. We have worked with numerous substructures, including concrete pile, steel pile, cofferdams, floating caissons, drilled shafts, and spread footings on rock. Our bridge building experience spans various types of superstructures that include plate girders, trusses, cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, segmental, and cable-stayed bridges.

Chances are, as you have traveled main and secondary arteries throughout New York, you have safely traversed a bridge we have constructed. When you are ready for a new bridge building project in your area, contact us for a consultation.