Infrastructure Foundations in NY & PA

Building reliable bridge infrastructure foundations all across central New York and Pennsylvania to support state and local transportation projects.

At Economy Paving, we know how important it is for any structure to have a good foundation. The larger the structure, and the more use it must withstand, the better the foundation must be for safe and continued use. That’s why our talented and experienced bridging and foundation engineers and tradesmen design and build superior foundations for all manner of bridging projects.

Deep and Shallow Foundation Construction

You don’t need to be an architect to guess the difference between a deep foundation and a shallow one. But depth is not the only difference. Deep and shallow foundations transfer weight to the ground from the load in a different way.

Shallow foundations usually employ a wider base that spreads the weight out over the topsoil. Not much is required for the soil to carry the burden of weight. Deeper foundations are typically narrow and rest primarily upon deeper, stronger layers of dirt or rock. However, the majority of support is provided by the friction of dirt that pushes against the sides of the foundation structure, and not the soil underneath.


Bridging foundations are commonly built using long, narrow posts called piles. A large crane and hammer are used to drive these piles into the ground to a predetermined depth. These pilings can be made from various materials, such as wood, concrete, or steel. The most common piling material is prefabricated concrete.

After the right number of piles to carry the load is driven into the ground to their correct depth, they are capped off and secured. Each grouping of piles (piling) is designed to bear a certain amount of the load of the designed structure. The weight of the entire structure is distributed over every set of pilings.

Underwater Foundations

Bridge construction over bodies of water presents unique challenges, not the least of which is erecting a proper foundation and protecting it against water corrosion. The affects of water on a bridge foundation can cause significant problems, weakening the structure and rendering it unusable far in advance of its designed lifespan.

There are a few ways to complete foundation construction underwater. Each method is used depending on the structure it must uphold and the type of weight involved. The simplest method of underwater pilings are called battered piles. These piles are built with many tines that stick out. As they are driven into the bed of the lake or river, the tines spread out the weight to provide maximum support. This method is normally used for smaller bridge projects over shallow water.

For larger bridging projects, a cofferdam is constructed and then driven into the bottom soil of the body of water. Then the water is pumped out, allowing skilled tradesmen to work inside the chamber to construct steel and concrete towers that can bear an incredible amount of weight for a long, long time.

Economy Paving Foundations

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