Water and Sewer

Depend on Economy Paving for expert commercial water and sewer installations and repairs of any size, all across central NY and PA.

Water and sewer services and repair are basic services provided by every local and state municipality. As cities and towns grow, so does the need for increasing the capacity of these services, as well as repairs on existing systems. Economy Paving has experience working with numerous state and local governments across central New York and Pennsylvania to install and repair water and sewer systems.

For over 72 years, the expert tradesmen and engineers at Economy Paving have been providing various construction services to the central NY region, and most recently, we are now licensed for services in PA. These services include superior water and sewer installations and repairs for both small and large municipalities, using only the most advanced and innovative techniques.

Water and Sewer System Installation

As the populations across New York and Pennsylvania expand, numerous cities and towns will need to install additional water and sewer systems to accommodate this growth. Economy Paving has vast experience working with local and state governments to provide the most advanced water and sewer system installations for the most economical price. We are experienced at accommodating limited budgets while providing superior service.

Our professional water and sewer engineers can work with experts in your area to design a new installation that connects to your existing system in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We are glad to accept installation projects in any terrain or challenging environment. Our talented engineers and tradesmen will devise a solution to provide the best possible water and sewer services to your clients, regardless of obstacles.

Water and Sewer System Repairs

Because municipal water and sewer systems are under constant use, many at capacity, they routinely require maintenance and repairs. Economy Paving possesses the know-how and experience to repair any type of water or sewer lines. Our technicians use only the latest and most modern equipment and techniques to complete water and sewer system repairs quickly and efficiently.

Economy Paving is central New York’s most versatile and innovative sewer and water installation and service contractor, which is why we have strong relationships with the state of New York and many local cities and towns. Contact us today for a consultation on your next commercial or municipal water and sewer service project.